One of the truly great privileges of being a parent (and there are many) is having a front row seat to all those magical ‘firsts' that happen during childhood.
There’s the first time he utters the words ‘ma ma'. The first time she melts you with her beaming smile. Those first few wobbly steps towards freedom (and in our experience, towards anything breakable and valuable!). And that first day at school stood proud as punch in their new uniform as you struggle to hold back the tears. 

"ma ma"

But what we came to realise as the days of our own kid’s childhoods quickly turned into weeks, months and then years, is that these 'firsts' happen only once. And they come and go so quickly that blink and you might miss them. 
It’s from this realisation that ‘Me and My First’ was born with a simple ambition in mind: to design products that help parents celebrate the magic of childhood. 
After all, childhood might not last forever, but the memories do. 


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